Temple Run 3 Game


Temple run game is a wonderful game that always keeps you thrilling and full of entertainment.

The background story of the game is an explorer steals a valuable idol from the temple. Monkeys are there to guard the temple and the idol. As monkeys see the person getting away with the idol, they start chasing the person.

The explorer starts running to save his life from monkeys. As you play this game, you are the explorer who wants to save his life from monkeys. The monkeys chase you all the way. You find different obstacles on the path.


There will be many sharp turns. You need to cross all these difficulties to save your life from monkeys. As you cross one difficulty, another will rise in front of you. So, the excitement continues as long as you play this game.

You can cross the obstacles by jumping, tilting left and right, sliding or skidding. The longer you will be able to run and escape from monkeys, the higher you score.

You can earn bonus points by collecting coins. One can enjoy this game with their friends, kids and family members.


Temple run game is one of the most popular games on Internet. Films and cartoon companies are making films and cartoon serials on Temple run theme and characters. This game is freely available on many websites.

Earlier the game was available only for iOS gadgets. Viewing the popularity of the game, it was launched for Android OS devices. Now the latest version of the games Temple Run 2 and Temple Run 3 are available on gaming portals.

Temple Run 2 and Temple Run 3 are available with advanced features that include beautiful new graphics, wonderful environment, new obstacles, more powers, bigger size monkeys etc.

People can play this game on face book too. So, if you are ready to take the challenge and experience the thrill, play this game.